A Fall Stay at The Gansevoort Park Avenue Hotel

With November almost upon us, it’s time to start planning your Thanksgiving, and with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade one of the biggest moments of the month, a trip to Manhattan is an ideal November getaway.

The Gansevoort Park Avenue hotel boasts chic modern interiors in its 249 rooms and suites. The rooms, which are adorned with plush feather beds and goose down pillows, also include the finest cotton linens with views from the room’s balcony.

On your downtime, head to the Exhale Gym and the Exhale Spa, where you can pamper yourself and stay active. The heated indoor and outdoor rooftop pool, along with hotel bars and dining will keep your Manhattan stay relaxing and rejuvenating.

The Illusion of a Bigger Kitchen

Not every home owner or renter is blessed with their dream kitchen that has counters that stretch throughout the space, a beautiful island that can house a sink and enough counter space to prep meals, or a sit-in area for your family to enjoy their meals. Most kitchens are in fact on the smaller side, or aren’t designed for all of our needs and wants.

If it’s not practical to knock down a wall or complete a major kitchen renovation, there are a handful of ways to make the impression that your space is larger than it truly is. The three key factors to remember are appliances, storage, and lighting.
In regards to appliances and storage, if possible, installing compact appliances will give you more room to play with for cabinets and storage space. If there is enough room in your kitchen, an island in the center can double as both counter and storage space, and possibly even as a counter to eat on.
In regards to cabinetry, glass doors are ideal, as they allow your guests to see more of the cabinet, which in turn gives the feel of more space in the room. Open shelving; along with clutter-free counters create the illusion of more space in the kitchen.

What is your favorite way to create the illusion of a bigger kitchen?

Refreshing with Olive Green

More times than not, olive green is considered to be drab and dreary, when in reality, this shade of green can bring a relaxing tone to your interiors. Olive green is a color of nature, making it a great choice for any room that you want to bring a calming effect to.

Olive green can range from a lighter shade, to a darker, brown olive green, which makes this color so versatile. Olive green is the perfect backdrop for white furniture and accessories, as the colors work together to bring serenity to the interior.

Other great décor ideas that pair well with olive green are greys, blues, maroons and yellows. Greys, when paired with the green, create a soothing and refreshing mood for your interior.

How would you decorate with olive green?