Must-Haves for a Luxurious, Million Dollar Home

This post might get some of us into trouble. I mean, who doesn't have a taste for the luxurious, million dollar mansion?! Contributed by Megan Gates, this is the second edition of our Designer Guest Series. In this post, Megan gives us an inside look as to what a million dollar home has to offer, and she should know! Megan is an active, expert blogger for Long Island Real Estate, Suffolk Rentals, and regurarly posts on home improvement, architecture, high design, and fashion.  Follow her on twitter at

Even though the economic state of our country may have affected many markets, the luxury housing market keeps seeing sales coming. Depending on what part of the country you may live in the $1 million dollar market is generally quick moving - a lot of buying and selling. In a busy city like New York, a $1.2 million is going to have around 1000 square feet, more of an apartment style place, a loft or a bachelor pad. On the west coast, a $1 million dollar budget can buy you well over 3,000 square feet in a nice home, depending on the city. The limits of what you can have are endless depending on your budget.

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What exactly are people looking for in the million dollar homes they're investing in? People obviously don't want ordinary, with an extraordinary budget; they want something spectacular!

Luxurious Kitchen

Many relators believe that a large and up-to-date kitchen is the main selling point in a home. This is no different when it comes to these extravagant million dollar homes. The kitchen must be big enough to fit the entire extended family in, with plenty of room to move around. Not only should you be able to host a ballroom party there, but also all of the appliances should be brand new. Restaurant style appliances are definitely a necessity; 16 stove burners, an extra large refrigerator, a couple of ovens, wine coolers, ect. only add to these wonderful homes.

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