Relaxing Retreat at Richard Gere's Strongheart Manor

Nestled in the Hamptons is Strongheart Manor, a 12,000 sf home, on 6.3 waterfront acres. Home to Richard Gere, Strongheart Manor, which has been renovated and expanded since its 1902 build date, hosts 12 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms.

Gere’s Hampton home boasts 2 guest houses, an outdoor fire pavilion, and a tea house that is set in the middle of a pond, making it the perfect spot to have tea, or a friendly afternoon conversation with a guest.
With waterfront views, Strongheart Manor is being sold for 65 million dollars.
Is Gere’s warm, relaxing, and quiet retreat your type of escape?

Enjoying the Holidays at the Gaylord Opryland Resort

Have you ever wanted to take a luxurious vacation during the holiday season to get away from the cold, but didn’t want to miss out on the holiday cheer? At the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville, TN, you get to enjoy both.
From November 15th until January 1st, you can enjoy the holidays in full swing at the resort, as more than 2 million twinkling lights decorate the resort and bring the holidays to you.

Horse-drawn carriage rides take you throughout the resort, where you can view acres of stunning decorations.  You can even catch a Radio City Rockettes show, an enchanted dinner show, a holiday concert, and ICE! Featuring Frosty the Snowman.
Apart from the holiday spirit the resort gives its guests, you also are able to experience nine acres of indoor gardens, sparkling waterways, and cascading waterfalls. Rooms have a view of one of three stunning atriums that are located in the resort.
The Gaylord Opryland Resort offers 17 premier on-site dining options, along with specialty shopping through the Delta Island Atrium.
When you’re not dining, shopping, or experiencing the holiday season, head to the famed Relâche Spa, which offers massages, facials, body treatments, and both indoor and outdoor pools. If you’re looking to stay active, the resort offers both fitness activities and a golf course.

Bringing Window Treatments to Life

When it comes to decorating your home, your best designs sometimes come from putting your décor focus on an accent piece that some overlook. A lot can be done with window treatments, as they can add personality, color, and elegance to a room, just as a decorative piece can.

Simple window panels are extremely popular, and keeping with this tradition, you can bring a modern look to your windows when you choose wide stripes and contrasting hues. The green and white stripes on the window furnishings pair well with this natural designed living room.

Incorporating dramatic window treatments into your home can add a spritz of personality to your room. If you have high ceilings or a 2-story room, long curtains will add drama and tie the room together. 
Window treatments aren’t limited to your windows, and they can be used to fill space, as a makeshift door, or to simply add flair to your room. If you’re looking to fill open space on walls or between rooms, long window treatments that sweep the floor can add height and drama to your décor, adding more to your space than imaginable.
How are you using window treatments in your home?

Finding Cheer in Holiday Rooms

The holiday season brings more than gifts, as more joy and excitement is found in the decorations of twinkling lights that dance along neighborhood streets, holiday wreaths that decorate doors and windows, and the warm atmosphere that can be found in a holiday-themed room.

Whether you live in a region that sees sun and palm trees during the holidays or in a region that is blanketed with snow, there is a design style that is perfect for everyone.

For those living or celebrating the holidays near the ocean, a great way to keep the holiday relating to the climate, is to create a beached-theme holiday look. Making a wreath out of leaves or a more coastal fern instantly gives the room a warm feel. Consider adding wreath and pine branch arrangements and silver ornaments to a table to bring more of the holiday into your room.

For an even mix of both holiday cheer and ocean living, consider bringing red and a deeper green into the room with pops of color. Below, red scarves draped over each chair, and the evergreen sprigs lining the chandelier, adds a pop of holiday color to the table, which has already been decorated with a starfish centerpiece.

To bring the holiday cheer into your room in full spirits and to really make your room pop, consider going color heavy with either red or green, but not both. By choosing to include furniture in all whites, it allows you to decorate with reds, whether with napkins, candles, or tableware.  
How do you enjoy bringing the holidays into your home?

Stepping into the Green Room

Have you been seeing green lately? If so, we can guarantee that the green you’re seeing is being used in various rooms in the homes of your friends and loved ones.  The color green is a trend that will be around for a long time, so we’ve compiled inspiration for how you can bring different shades and styling techniques into your home.

For those on the bold side, bringing a bright green into your room can help make the room feel vibrant and alive. Instead of a bright green on your walls or couches, a simple pop of color and pattern can work wonders on your space.

If you veer on the side of caution, consider adding splashes of white, tan and black to your room. This adds crispness to the room, while still allowing the green hues to pop.
A differing route would be to avoid an intense green by choosing to incorporate seaside green into your home. You can create a light and airy look that won’t overpower your room, and bring a serene feeling to your space.

If you were to bring green into your home, would you choose an intense hue, or choose a lighter shade?