Finding Cheer in Holiday Rooms

The holiday season brings more than gifts, as more joy and excitement is found in the decorations of twinkling lights that dance along neighborhood streets, holiday wreaths that decorate doors and windows, and the warm atmosphere that can be found in a holiday-themed room.

Whether you live in a region that sees sun and palm trees during the holidays or in a region that is blanketed with snow, there is a design style that is perfect for everyone.

For those living or celebrating the holidays near the ocean, a great way to keep the holiday relating to the climate, is to create a beached-theme holiday look. Making a wreath out of leaves or a more coastal fern instantly gives the room a warm feel. Consider adding wreath and pine branch arrangements and silver ornaments to a table to bring more of the holiday into your room.

For an even mix of both holiday cheer and ocean living, consider bringing red and a deeper green into the room with pops of color. Below, red scarves draped over each chair, and the evergreen sprigs lining the chandelier, adds a pop of holiday color to the table, which has already been decorated with a starfish centerpiece.

To bring the holiday cheer into your room in full spirits and to really make your room pop, consider going color heavy with either red or green, but not both. By choosing to include furniture in all whites, it allows you to decorate with reds, whether with napkins, candles, or tableware.  
How do you enjoy bringing the holidays into your home?