Stepping into the Green Room

Have you been seeing green lately? If so, we can guarantee that the green you’re seeing is being used in various rooms in the homes of your friends and loved ones.  The color green is a trend that will be around for a long time, so we’ve compiled inspiration for how you can bring different shades and styling techniques into your home.

For those on the bold side, bringing a bright green into your room can help make the room feel vibrant and alive. Instead of a bright green on your walls or couches, a simple pop of color and pattern can work wonders on your space.

If you veer on the side of caution, consider adding splashes of white, tan and black to your room. This adds crispness to the room, while still allowing the green hues to pop.
A differing route would be to avoid an intense green by choosing to incorporate seaside green into your home. You can create a light and airy look that won’t overpower your room, and bring a serene feeling to your space.

If you were to bring green into your home, would you choose an intense hue, or choose a lighter shade?