Bringing Window Treatments to Life

When it comes to decorating your home, your best designs sometimes come from putting your décor focus on an accent piece that some overlook. A lot can be done with window treatments, as they can add personality, color, and elegance to a room, just as a decorative piece can.

Simple window panels are extremely popular, and keeping with this tradition, you can bring a modern look to your windows when you choose wide stripes and contrasting hues. The green and white stripes on the window furnishings pair well with this natural designed living room.

Incorporating dramatic window treatments into your home can add a spritz of personality to your room. If you have high ceilings or a 2-story room, long curtains will add drama and tie the room together. 
Window treatments aren’t limited to your windows, and they can be used to fill space, as a makeshift door, or to simply add flair to your room. If you’re looking to fill open space on walls or between rooms, long window treatments that sweep the floor can add height and drama to your décor, adding more to your space than imaginable.
How are you using window treatments in your home?