Cozy Up In Metallics in the Heart of New York

So you’re not ready to bring metallic into your home just yet? That’s okay; The Royalton New York has you covered with getting you accustomed to metallic styling.

Upon entering this midtown Manhattan luxury hotel, you will be welcomed by a lobby that is a crossroads for international travelers and the elite of the Empire State. The design is sophisticated and complex, with a floor-to-ceiling hand forged cast-bronze fireplace, and upholstered leather walls.
The steel and brass furnishings mix with soft suede upholstery, thick leather walls and hide-covered chairs to create a sophisticated but warm atmosphere.
The Royalton New York offers a 24-hour service gym, personal training, and also an Equinox Emergency Workout Pack if you’re a traveler without workout gear. If you want more of a relaxing stay, spend your time enjoying spa services, or head to Forty Four, the hotel bar, for a modern twist on timeless classics.
While your choice in rooms can vary between a standard, deluxe, loft, suite or penthouse, whichever experience you choose for your stay, you will leave with an appreciation for luxurious metallic and a deeper love for Manhattan. You might even be tempted to bring the metallic look back home with you!
To see more of the Royalton New York’s offerings, head over to their website for the full experience.

A Look into Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen's Luxurious Mansion

Step onto the property of Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s new 22,000 square foot mansion overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Brentwood, CA, and you’ll surprisingly feel at home. Featured in a full layout in the latest issue of Architectural Digest, the Brady Bundchen mansion is not only eco-friendly, but it breathes scents of both tasteful and homey.

Tom and Gisele’s desire to make their home as eco-friendly as possible was a success, as the home boasts reclaimed oak ceilings and their energy and water systems have been implemented from recycled components. Better yet, there are 2 arrays of photovatic solar panels that meet all of the property’s electricity needs.

Tom and Gisele focused on implementing a neutral color palette throughout the house, which instantly gives it a country chic vibe.

To turn your kitchen into a less expensive version of Tom and Gisele’s, think about painting or staining your cabinets a rustic brown, and giving the countertops and walls a neutral tone. Think marble countertops and cream walls. You can then make your kitchen pop with your accents, which can be as organic as flowers on the table to a bowl of fresh fruit on your kitchen island. Even choosing colorful handles and knobs is an easy way to bring life into your kitchen.

The same can be said for your outdoor patio. If your outdoor area is mostly catered around neutral colors, play up the space with bright decorative pillows, or keep the area earthy and cozy like Tom and Gisele have done by accenting the area with plants of various colors and sizes.
Gisele even keeps her closet as simple as possible, by allowing her shoes, purses and clothing to make the room pop and give it life amid the neutral shelving units and wall color.
If you have neutral walls and furniture, how do you plan on making the room come together to give it a fun, yet homey feel?

The Importance of Your Kitchen Island

A kitchen island isn’t just another piece of furniture in your kitchen, in fact, it is so much more. An island is the foundation to your kitchen, and it is easy to make it the heart of your home. Kitchen islands have various qualities to them that you might not automatically think of. They can act as part of your cooking station, or they might be the area that you gather around with friends and family over a glass of wine and light appetizers. After a long day with the kids or a busy day at work, your kitchen island might simply just be where you go to relax.

Islands come in all shapes and sizes, and finding the right one for your kitchen can be a fun and simple project.

If your kitchen brings in a great amount of light during the day, an island that adds to the calm and peaceful atmosphere is the perfect starting point. Choosing an island with a neutral palette and textures that boasts beautiful lines will make your kitchen feel complete and truly pulls it together.


If you have a cook in the family, this is the kitchen island for you! By making your island the true hub of your kitchen, balance and harmony will automatically generate from the room. With the kitchen island acting as the center of attention, it will represent a functional and well-designed space.


Bigger isn’t always better, but in this case, it is. If you look past the surface, you’ll understand why large islands are so sought after. A large island can be used for more than food prep and serving buffet-style on weekends. Larger islands provide ample storage space, and can house wine racks, bookshelves, and an additional sink, a complete dream come true for the person who loves spending their time in the kitchen!


How do you use your kitchen island?