Cozy Up In Metallics in the Heart of New York

So you’re not ready to bring metallic into your home just yet? That’s okay; The Royalton New York has you covered with getting you accustomed to metallic styling.

Upon entering this midtown Manhattan luxury hotel, you will be welcomed by a lobby that is a crossroads for international travelers and the elite of the Empire State. The design is sophisticated and complex, with a floor-to-ceiling hand forged cast-bronze fireplace, and upholstered leather walls.
The steel and brass furnishings mix with soft suede upholstery, thick leather walls and hide-covered chairs to create a sophisticated but warm atmosphere.
The Royalton New York offers a 24-hour service gym, personal training, and also an Equinox Emergency Workout Pack if you’re a traveler without workout gear. If you want more of a relaxing stay, spend your time enjoying spa services, or head to Forty Four, the hotel bar, for a modern twist on timeless classics.
While your choice in rooms can vary between a standard, deluxe, loft, suite or penthouse, whichever experience you choose for your stay, you will leave with an appreciation for luxurious metallic and a deeper love for Manhattan. You might even be tempted to bring the metallic look back home with you!
To see more of the Royalton New York’s offerings, head over to their website for the full experience.