Our Wanted Design 2012 Wrap Up

This post, contributed by Kathleen Callahan, is part of our Designer Event Series. The Designer Event Series features guest posts from authors and friends of DesigningLuxury.com.

New York's Wanted Design
, an international design event wrapped up earlier last week and lived up to its hype as one of the most interesting and well curated shows of NYC Design Week. A feast for the eyes and fuel for the imagination, the show is a platform for international designers, architects, interior designers, craftsmen, manufacturers and students to feature their latest inspiring creations. Here's a taste below of what we saw...

Transformation expressed through reuse, art, preservation.
Transformation was a prevalent theme throughout the show, the inspiration for which ranged from sustainable reuse, art, preservation and more. From a delicate vase that transforms air into form, to a sink (Synk) that transforms sound waves into visible waves, to the unique and fun reclamation of big city taxi lights into energy-efficient LED lights for the home - the event didn't disappoint! One of my favorite pieces, the lights (pictured above), display eight different configurations and are perched on a metal base, mimicking the taxi rooftops they once graced.

Taxi lights reclaimed as energy-efficient interior lighting.
The sustainable lighting of New Zealand artist, David Trubridge pushes the boundaries of design with a mesmerizing collection that transforms light.  Featuring Ikea-like kits of bamboo sections for assembly into functional and artistic pendant lights (also available as reassembled styles in anodized aluminum for outdoor use). The collection also features magnificent, 8-foot, large scale fixtures that flood open spaces with light and shade producing transfixing shadows and ambiance.

Large-scale pendant fixtures provide a unique ambiance.
Student innovation took center stage as the second year of the Metaproject showcased the partnership between the Rochester Institute of Technology School of Design students and this year's industry partner, the Corning Glass Museum. 

Students were tasked with transforming recycled glass into a usable domestic vessel. Some of the most practical and useful concepts presented include:

Another favorite of mine was USB jewelry - a fashionable, wearable vessel for data made from a USB and the neck of a wine bottle.  The high tech design jewelry encases the USB in a way that protects as well as allows it to switch back and forth for easy use.

Form, function, and reuse at work in these cocktail glasses.
Pictured above, is an innovated solution for juggling both a cocktail and a plate of hors d'oeuvres at a party, leaving one hand free for greeting other guest uses recycled glass.

If you take the time to review all the Metaproject entries you will not be disappointed and it will reaffirm that American ingenuity is alive and well in the next generation of designers.

12 X 12 NYC, which advocates for increased lumber reclamation within New York while also benefiting the under served population of the city was one of the most impressive exhibits. Supplying twelve contemporary furniture designers with the reclaimed wood of twelve demolished New York City buildings with the goal of of transforming the spirit of these classic structures into contemporary designs. The salvaged woods represent a range of structures, historical eras and species - from the old growth Pine of the American Express stables in Soho to Brazilian Ipe from the Coney Island boardwalk.

12 X 12's twelve furniture creations will be auctioned off on May 25th with proceeds to benefit woodworking education and job training in New York City through the not-for-profit Brooklyn Woods. Through their efforts, the furniture makers were able to transform the crumbling remains of the city into beautiful, functional pieces while transforming lives with job training for the under served of the community.

Unique, reclaimed wood used to create this liquor cabinet.
Above is artist Fiyel Levent’s liquor cabinet is made out of Antique Spruce, from the now defunct but beloved East Village Mars Bar. It's just one of the many stunning creations showcased at the Wanted Design 2012 event!