Delicious Summer Destination

If you or someone you know loves chocolate, there’s no better place in the world than the Chocolate Boutique Hotel in Bournemouth, England. Just one hundred and five miles southeast of London, the hotel is situated in West Cliff, Bournemouth, on the southern coast of Dorset County, England. This adorable boutique is beautifully decorated in a ‘chocolate theme’ and is truly a chocolate lovers dream come true.

The Chocolate Boutique Hotel offers all kinds of accommodations from a simple one night stay, to corporate team building weekends, to weddings and even slumber parties (the ultimate ‘girls night out’).

There are 13 cocoa-themed rooms (one being a ‘white chocolate room‘), with chocolate fountains, cocktails, (in the cozy chocolate bar) and a slab of chocolate by each bed with a personal handwritten message (in chocolate) for your loved one.
A typical stay at the hotel involves checking out the kitchen and taking part in a chocolate cooking workshop though this is entirely optional. These hands on courses range from two hour classes to two day intense chocolate immersion classes geared to people who may want to start their own chocolate business.
One of the ways hotel owner and chocolatier Gerry Wilton uses to get students to relax is to have them paint a portrait using dark, white and milk chocolate.
The Chocolate Boutique Hotel has been named one of the top six novelty hotels in the world by The Sunday Times Travel Magazine.

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