Making a Statement with Quatrefoil

Quatrefoil has been around since the Gothic and Renaissance eras, and is now a widely used inspiration in decorating homes. The quatrefoil is a symmetrical and elegant design that is ornamental in form, resembling a four-petal flower.

Quatrefoil is so versatile, that it can be used in almost every manner of decorating your home. The design can be used to make a bold statement in a room, or it can simply be a subtle addition to your room.

For a bold statement, consider adding the design to your ceilings or windows in your room. This is a beautiful way to bring elegance to the room without decorating your walls.

Another great idea in creating a bold statement with quatrefoil is to add it to your walls. Here, a simple backsplash in the kitchen adds such dimension with the use of the pattern and the grout, which gives it a 2-dimensional feel.
If you prefer more of a subtle statement with the pattern, consider finding quatrefoil furnishings that will add depth to your room without going overboard. Surprisingly, a mirror can bring character to your room without being too much.

How do you plan on bringing quatrefoil into your home?