The Perfect Winter Bathtubs

With the chilly, winter months fast approaching, there are few things we would enjoy more than a soothing, hot soak in a tub. We crave a tranquil getaway and a place to relax after a long, cold day, and we have compiled several of the tubs that we would love to soak in this winter. We feel you’ll agree!

During the middle of a snowstorm, wouldn’t you love to be caught soaking in a steamy tub with views of the storm, rather than outside in the chilly weather?

All bathrooms don’t come with perfect views, but we don’t think you’d mind soaking in a tub that is equipped with its’ own fireplace. With a fire burning and a good book open, we have a feeling no one would want to leave this tub!
Now picture yourself watching the snow fall outside while a fire is roaring next to you, except instead of relaxing on the couch, you’re unwinding in your dream tub. We have a hunch that this will be added to the top of your home-remodel list.
Describe to us your perfect tub. Is it a claw-foot tub? A large, freestanding tub? Or one with a beautiful view?