Using the Jewel-Toned Teal in Your Home

Vibrancy of Teal
Blue gives off a calm and spiritual feel, while green gives a natural and fresh atmosphere. When blue and green combine to create a teal color, a rich, vibrant and classy color is created. Teal is jewel-toned and reminiscent of the sea, which allows this calming color to aid in alleviating stress.
Varying Amounts
Teal is such a great choice for your living room, kitchen or bedroom, as it pairs beautifully with wood tones, metal accents and natural colors. Teal is great as an accent in your room, which can be established with furnishings, throw pillows, or blankets, or it can be used on your walls. By painting all of the walls, trim, and even cabinets or tables teal, you can achieve the luxurious feeling of a jewel box, and add more character to your space.
If you brought teal into your room, would you take the leap and go for the jeweled effect or keep it subtle?