The Power of Khaki

Have you ever stopped to notice that neutral colors can be more powerful than bold colors? The attribute that makes neutrals, and the color khaki, so powerful, is that it can be used as a backdrop or as an accent color in your home.

By bringing khaki to your walls, your accent pieces are interchangeable, which allows you to constantly change the feel and look of your room to suit your mood. The room can take on an entirely new feel simply by switching your bright accent pieces to darker shades.

Bedrooms are a great room to create a sense of peace and tranquility, by choosing to bring khaki to your walls incorporating light, but fun colors in the same tone you can successfully create a calming effect in your room. Accent colors in the same tone, such as mint and olive green, lavender, and coral all pair beautifully with khaki.
Khaki furniture means that you have the option to really choose any color for your walls, since neutrals compliment all colors wonderfully. Khaki walls, on the other hand, create a sophisticated look, so choosing furniture instead in bold colors make the room pop and come to life.

How do you decorate with khaki? Do you prefer to create a peaceful room, or would you choose to accent your space with bright colors, thus in turn bringing energy into your room?