Bring a Little Lime Into Your Life

The most daring shade of them all is fresh and vibrant, bringing happiness into every room it’s found in. You don’t need a lot of this color to make a major impact, as a little goes a long way. Lime green is the color of the month, and with the right combination, your room will dramatically stand out.

Definition to Your Decor

The wonderful thing about lime green is that less is more. Several accent pieces or an accent wall is enough to draw the eye into the room and make a lasting impact. Lime green pairs wonderfully with neutrals, as the colors don’t compete with one another.

Make a Lasting Impact

If going big is more your scene, bring the vibrant color to your ceilings or walls. Bringing color to your ceiling isn’t excessively common, so the mere idea of splashing lime green above invokes energy, pizazz, and a feeling of freshness.

How do you feel about lime green in your home? Would you subtly add the color in, or would you go for the wow factor?