Add a Punch with Orange

When one thinks of orange, thoughts of sunshine, happiness, and joy come to mind. Orange brings energy to your interiors, and can have a refreshing effect, not only on your room, but also on your mood. Orange has many effects, such as bringing a sense of modernity to a room when paired with white, or it can take on a sophisticated manner when the orange is more of a rustic shade.

Orange can add depth and character to your interiors whether it’s sprinkled in with accessories, or if you take the leap and bring it to your walls. If you have the courage to bring orange to all of your walls, make sure not to decorate your space with orange in too many other spots, as that would lead to over-saturation of the color.

You can subtly bring orange into your home with little pops of the cheerful color in pillows, stitching in bedding, drapes, or flowers. Since orange is sure to catch the attention of everyone in the room, make sure to use orange on the items that you want to highlight the most.
How do you dare to decorate with orange?