Bringing Life to Your Space with a Gallery Wall

There are many different design trends and styles that people either love or hate. When it comes to designing and decorating a room, it’s hard to please everyone. One look that is increasingly popular in many homes and apartments is having a gallery wall in your space.

A gallery wall is comprised of an assortment of artwork, pictures, or décor objects that are clustered on one wall. A gallery wall is a simple way to give your home a meaningful and personal touch. When it comes to creating your gallery wall, you can go for either a casual or a formal look.

A casual look will include a mix of different colored and sized frames, and the frames will have an organic shape. A formal look typically has frames of the same color and size, and will be of uniform shape.

The pictures can be symmetrical and far apart, or they can be arranged closer together so they appear to be as one.