Grey - The Hot Neutral

Often mistaken for being cold, dreary, uninviting and dull, is the color grey. Chances are that if these are the attributes that you relate with grey, then it’s a good bet that you are not using the color to its best use. When used correctly, grey can bring a soothing, fresh and happy atmosphere to your home.
While neutrals will always be a safe choice when it comes to home decorating, grey will be the hot neutral for 2015. The versatile color works great as a backdrop for your walls, as it pairs perfectly with a wide selection of accent colors.
A very light shade of grey works beautifully with white, ranging from white trim to white décor and white furniture. The use of two lighter colors will bring brightness to your home that doesn’t require excessive windows or additional lighting.

Colors of light blues and sea greens add dimension to your space, making the room feel warm and light. Using different shades of grey, such as silver, steel and charcoal can add a hint of edge and depth, without being overwhelmingly dark.

What is your favorite shade of grey?