August Style & Design

Although summer is coming to an end, some of us just want to bask in the warmth just a bit longer. We want that warm sun shining down on us at all times. We prefer the windows and screen door to be open, allowing the warm summer breeze to tumble into our home, allowing us to relax and enjoy the moment.

Whether you live in a region that sees summer like temperatures year round, or if you fall victim to harsher climates towards the end of the year, you can still keep summer alive with one color.

The color blue.

An easy way for an endless summer is to switch out your old table with a blue table. Your options with this are vast. You can buy an already distressed blue table for a vintage cottage feel, or you can turn this into a fun, DIY project. Either way, the blue works magically to steal the attention in the room while simultaneously adding charm.

Another easy way to include blue is by using accessories to add a splash of bright and energetic colors to your room. If you’re set on the color aqua, invest in a lamp shade or base that will brighten your desired room.

Accessories are a fun way to include different hues of blue.  Make your couch pop with throw pillows in vibrant shades of blue and analogous colors. Throw pillows can range from a blue, to a lighter green, and mixing the hues up is an easy way to create a laid back vibe.

Maybe you desire to be a bit more bold and unique. Take a jump and paint your floors blue! Blue floors work great in most any room, but in a light grey/white color schemed kitchen, a robin’s egg blue floor creates a new depth you didn’t know was possible.

With a room this welcoming, you won’t ever want to leave the kitchen. While you’re in there, open your windows and let the last of the summer breeze in!

No matter which path you take, the addition of blue to any room will bring about a calm and inviting environment, which is the exact feeling we want every room in our home to have.