Unique and Stylish Closets to Suit Your Personality

When we think of closets most of us think of a place to store things, a place to hide away the things that we don’t want anyone to see.  This view point is becoming less and less common as we start to look at closets as a place to showcase our beloved items, a place to luxuriate in our belongings and express ourselves through design.  This trend is not just popular amongst women but men as well. Walk in closets, like any other room can be altered and designed in many ways to accommodate your storage and display needs but also to incorporate your style preferences.

Some of us choose to go the minimalistic route. This style screams clean, neat and chic and keeps everything streamlined and easy to find. This type of closet is simple yet sophisticated. The sleek edges and dark vs. light style makes this composition very design savvy and of course, enjoyable.

Others of us choose to display more and make our closets a place for everything to be seen. These types of closets usually incorporate display boxes and open shoe shelves as well as strategic lighting used to showcase certain items.

Another closet style to point out is the sitting/dressing room. This is more of an extension to the bedroom than it is a closet. This style usually incorporates one or multiple sitting areas and tables, there may be a desk along with many mirrors and even a tub. This style also tends to incorporate more design elements such as accessories, rugs, and pillows.

How would you design your dream closest?