Adding Style and Dimension to Your Home with Decorative Molding

When you think of adding excitement and making updates to your home, several of the first things that come to mind are to bring in decorative furnishings, paint rooms, or acquire new furniture. All of these are great ideas, but an often overlooked idea to explore is to create architectural interest in a room with decorative moldings.

Wainscoting is a decorative treatment of wood paneling that is applied to the lower portion of a wall. Not only does wainscoting save you from the cost and time of painting the lower half of your walls, but it also adds dimension to your room that could otherwise be missed.

Coffered ceilings are another option when it comes to decorative molding.  A coffered ceiling is a wide grid of sunken panels, most often square or rectangular, and popular in kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms.
Other options when it comes to using decorative molding is board and batten, which brings detail to your area without being overly ornate, and crown molding, which is used to “finish” rooms, as it is applied where the ceiling meets the wall. What kind of decorative molding do you have in your home?