The Color Purple

From lavender to plum, the color purple has become growingly popular in recent years. Once considered to be girly, shades of purple are being used not only as accent pieces, but also to bring life to people’s walls.

Deep, dark purples imply luxury, a sense of seriousness, and formality. Dark purples are the tones that are best to be used boldly, such as an accent wall in your home. In kitchens of silver and white appliances or cabinetry, purple provides a wonderful backdrop for the other tones in the interior.
Softer shades of purple, however, bring a soothing, clean and fresh atmosphere to your interiors. Light purples can soften masculine pieces, while on the opposite end of the spectrum, in a bright room, the purple is cheery and upbeat. To use a soft purple, consider bringing lavender to your walls in a bedroom, where you’re looking to create a relaxing environment.

How do you decorate with purple?