A Luxury Fork that Improves Your Health

A new luxury item is coming to the market - one that helps to maintain health and weight. It’s called the HAPI Fork and it will be available in late 2013 marked at $99. It’s an electronic fork that monitors eating habits. Gone are the days of wondering whether you’re eating too fast or too slowly. This luxurious item takes all the guesswork out of the equation.
The fork is equipped with indicator lights which provide alerts when you are eating too fast. Eating too fast can contribute to bad digestion and poor weight control, and the HAPI Fork aims to prevent and help both of these things.

The tool measures how long it takes to eat a meal, and the amount of “fork servings” eating per minute. It also comes with a HAPILABS application which includes a coaching program to monitor and help eating behavior which is interactive online. The device uploads your information via USB to the online dashboard, and from there you can track your results.

The HAPI Fork vibrates in your mouth when you are eating too fast, while simultaneously tracking every time it touches your lips. Would you purchase this luxury item?
For more information about the HAPI Fork visit www.hapilabs.com.