Luxurious Paradise in the Virgin Islands

In the Virgin Islands, there is a beautifully luxurious oasis called Necker Island. At 74,000 acres, the island is filled with tropical plants, sandy beaches, and exotic wildlife. Necker is entirely surrounded by coral reef, a long jetty acting as the sole way boats can approach the shores. The Caribbean waters are a luscious turquoise, encircling a resort which occupies the whole island.

The private island can only occupy 28 guests at a time. Since there are 60 staff members, the guests are outnumbered. Even so, the staff is hardly seen by guests, as to create the feeling of solitude. Guests are also far outnumbered by the 200 plus flamingos occupying the island.

Most rooms in the resort are open air, hardly featuring doors or keys; instead there are nets to prevent unwanted bugs. Every room on the island includes a stunning 360-degree panoramic view of the scenery.

The island also features almost any activity you can think of, including sailing, kite surfing, kayaking, tennis, and even riding in a three-person submarine – the “Necker Nymph”. The rooms are all equipped with Wii consoles, iPod stereos, and surround sound systems (although many people do not even turn their televisions on). One could even have cold sushi delivered in a swimming pool via canoe. The possibilities are endless.

Necker Island is a hot destination for celebrities since it is such a private location. The island is owned by Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin brand. He had the resort built as a place of retreat, luxury, and relaxation. Luxurious does not even begin to describe the serenity of Necker Island resort. For more information visit