Step Into an Urban Oasis on Fifth Avenue

Tommy Bahama has launched a new store in New York City on Fifth Avenue and 45th street. Its exquisite charm and design is what will bring in the customers, lured in by an oasis in the middle of the busy streets of Manhattan. Customers are able to experience 13,000 square feet of paradise, with every aspect of design carefully selected and placed.

Consisting of 3 levels, each corner, light fixture, and ceiling fan is designed to imitate an ocean-side setting. The decorations consist of Floridian palm trees, driftwood, and seashell sculptures. There is tropical music playing, and there are light fans blowing an ocean breeze over customers. The limestone floors complete the marine feeling all the way around. 

Adrienne Parks, the visual manager for the store says, “We want to create an experience that customers will remember and tell their friends about”. This seems like it will definitely be the case, as the store is complete with not only shopping areas and dressing rooms, but a stunningly beautiful bar.

It is called the Marlin Bar and is made of oak wine barrels. In fact, every decoration and fixture in the store is either custom made or a “found” object. If it was found, there is a tag attached to it giving a short history of where the item came from. 

To say the least, the design and arrangement of the store is absolutely dazzling. Each of the three stories is a piece of expertly arranged art. For more information visit (photos via